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As a skilled creative communications team with more than 90 years of experience we are pledged to assist you in the areas of graphic design, public relations, exhibit design, communications, advertising, corporate identity and logo merchandising.

Our projects have generated good results. Some are illustrated here. For you we can do the same by helping create, package, and communicate your message with impact. We do this with talent, experience and credentials that rival larger agencies and firms.

Names are important. Unusual names usually have a story behind them. Ours certainly does. No meeting ever started without people taking out their yellow pads. Important things go on the yellow pad. In fact, that's where a creative process begins. With us you get creative talent from the beginning, . . . from the first page on Yellow Pad's yellow pad.

Most good business is built on relationships. When clients and companies work well together, and communicate well, chances are the clients are happy and well-served. E-mail, voice messages, faxes and web-sites are important conveniences and tools, and we use them. However, good relationships, . . . personal relationships, are essential to winning clients and keeping them. At Yellow Pad we work hard on relationships.

We are skilled communicators with significant background in graphic design, public relations, advertising, exhibit design and construction, corporate identity, research, writing, marketing and many other related fields such as printing and photography.

We cultivate ideas and use words, photos, color and shapes to design a product that fits the client's goals. Beginning with ideas, and a yellow pad, we've created colorful logos, catchy marketing phrases, sales brochures that worked, campaigns that helped win elections, direct mail with impact and award winning nostalgic calendars that sold in the tens of thousands.

Yellow Pad service is based on our core values of:

Integrity: Our responsibility is to guide our clients in the right direction to meet their needs and objectives. Integrity's presence is critical. Honesty isn't the best policy. It's the only policy!

Industriousness: We emphasize getting the job done, so our first question is always, "When do you need it?"

Trust: With our service, and these core values, we hope to build a trust that you know we'll get the job done, on time and to your satisfaction.

Attitude: Some say life is 10 percent what happens to us; 90 percent how we react to it. We treat our clients as if our very existence depends on your future business, . . . and it does!

Enthusiasm: Life is short! We enjoy what we do and it pays dividends for you. Enthusiasm, and humor, belongs in the work place. Then, even the most difficult jobs go better.

Core values are important and essential to maintaining successful business relationships. With creativity as our unique factor we constantly ask, "What if?", frequently take a risk, and approach each job without fear of failing. Creativity is in all of us and we are committed to using the best of it on your project.

Creativity built the Magic Kingdom, made a plane fly, invented basketball, velcro and notes that stick. It also turned a 1930s doughnut business into a household name and created an institution from a 19-cent hamburger. What can we do for you?

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